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Niger Lapis
Shrine in the Comitium commemorating burial spot of an early Roman notable
Reconstructed state: Building as first dedicated on site

Known historical events

725 BC to 700 BC The tomb of Romulus, Faustulus, or Hostus Hostilius is recorded by various Republican writers as standing near the Rostra in the Comitium. Sources: Romulus--Varro in Ps. Acr. and Porph. ad Horat. epod. 16.13; Faustulus--Dion. Hal. 1.87.2; Hostus Hostilius--Dion. Hal. 3.1.2.
570 BC to 550 BC Next to the Rostra at the S end of the Comitium is built a shrine with a U-shaped altar, a base with column (presumably supporting a statue), and an inscribed cippus. Sources: F. Coarelli, LTUR, vol. 5, p. 210.
80 BC The shrine is suppressed when the Forum is repaved; over the site a pavement in black stone is laid to mark the spot (hence the term "Niger Lapis"). Sources: F. Coarelli, LTUR, vol. 5 (1999) 211.
1899 AD to 1900 AD G. Boni discovers the altar, column base, and cippus. He identifies the site as the legendary tomb of Romulus. Sources: Archeologia in posa: Foro Romano (1993) 95.