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Niger Lapis
Shrine in the Comitium commemorating burial spot of an early Roman notable
Reconstructed state: Building as first dedicated on site

Reconstruction issues

Determining Building Footprint

The dark paving stones and several blocks of the balustrade still survive in situ. The footprint is secure.

 (Level of certainty: high)

Reconstructing from Proportion

The balustrade blocks have been damaged to such an extant that their full dimensions have been hypothetically reconstructed.

 (Level of certainty: medium)

Original construction methods

Overall construction (Level of certainty: high)

1 Foundation (Level of certainty: high)

Concrete rubble core, tufa and brick faced

2 Panels (Level of certainty: high)

Marble panels

3 Bedding (Level of certainty: high)

Mortar on block foundation

4 Pavement (Level of certainty: high)

Platforms are constructed of black stone slabs based on the archaeological reconstruction.