Arcus Octaviani

Richardson, L. jr

Arcus Octaviani (1): an arch decreed to Octavian after Actium, to be erected in the forum (Cass. Dio 51.19.1). At the same time a second arch was decreed to be erected at Brundisium: evidently both were in preparation for Octavian's triumphant return. An inscription on a block of Parian marble 9 feet (2.67 m) long with a decree of public honors to Octavian and a consular date of 29 B.C. has been supposed to come from this arch (CIL 6.873 = ILS 81). It was found toward the southeast end of the forum in the sixteenth century, but the reports of its provenience are confused and contradictory, and no ancient source locates it more precisely. No other trace of it is known, but it may be shown on a denarius (B.M. Coins, Rom. Rep. 2.14 no. 4348).

Kaiser Augustus und die verlorene Republik (show catalogue, Berlin 1988, Mainz 1988), 224-25 (E. Nedergaard).

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