Arcus Tiberii

Richardson, L. jr

Arcus Tiberii: a single-fornix arch erected in A.D. 16 propter aedem Saturni, to commemorate the recovery of the standards of Varus captured by the Germans in A.D. 9 (Tacitus Ann. 2.41). It stood near the northwest corner of the Basilica Iulia beside the street along the southwest side of the forum, which narrows here to accommodate it, and is represented on the Arch of Constantine (L' Orange and A. von Gerkan, pl. 14). It stood above the level of the forum and probably could be reached only by a stair of a few steps. The inscription has been recovered in fragments (CIL 6.906, 31422, 31575), and the concrete foundations, found in excavations in 1900, were 9 m wide and 6.30 m deep.

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