Basilica Opimia

Richardson, L. jr

Basilica Opimia: closely linked with the Temple of Concordia and probably built when L. Opimius rebuilt the temple in 121 B.C., perhaps only an annex of the temple. It is known only from a single mention in Varro (Varro Ling. 5.156) and a couple of inscriptions of servi publici de Basilica Opimia (CIL 6.2338, 2339 = ILS 1969). The space available, as described by Varro, seems exiguous, and the basilica seems to have been eliminated when Tiberius rebuilt the Temple of Concordia beginning in 7 B.C. It can never have been a large building, and it must be left uncertain on which side of the Temple of Concordia it stood, although the Gradus Monetae (q.v) make it more probable that it stood southwest of the temple.

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