Basilica Sempronia

Richardson, L. jr

Basilica Sempronia: built in 170 B.C. by the censor Ti. Sempronius Gracchus behind the Tabernae Veteres (see Tabernae Circum Forum) toward the statue of Vertumnus, on land formerly occupied by the house of Scipio Africanus, butchers' stalls, and shops (Livy 44.16.10-11). It therefore stood at the point where the Vicus Tuscus entered the Forum Romanum and must have been replaced by the Basilica Iulia. It must have been built to balance the Basilica Fulvia et Aemilia on the opposite side of the forum, and therefore was probably a sizable building from the beginning, as Livy makes it sound, but no one informs us more precisely about its size or design.

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