Columna Rostrata C. Duilii

Richardson, L. jr

Columna Rostrata C. Duilii (2): a second column erected by Duilius on the Rostra to celebrate the same victory as (1), later moved to the Forum Romanum (Servius ad Georg. 3.29; Pliny HN 34.20; Quintilian 1.7.12). The long archaic dedicatory inscription seems to have been restored repeatedly, perhaps last under Claudius; part of it was discovered in 1565 (CIL 6.1300 = 31591 = ILS 65; A. E. Gordon, Illustrated Introduction to Latin Epigraphy [Berkeley 1983], 124-27 no. 48) and is preserved in the Museo Nuovo Capitolino.

Nash 1.282.

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