Curia Pompiliana

Richardson, L. jr

Curia Pompiliana: a meeting place of the senate mentioned only in two passages in the Historia Augusta (S.H.A. Aurel. 41.3, S.H.A. Tacit. 3.2). It is generally presumed to be an alternate name for the Curia Iulia invented to suggest the return of an era of peace and innocence, but there is no confirmation of this explanation (cf. Amm. Marc. 14.6.6). The Curia Iulia is regularly called simply Curia in our sources, or even Senatus (cf., e.g., the regionary catalogues), although Aulus Gellius 14.7.7 may be taken to indicate that even after Domitian's rebuilding it still formally carried the name Iulia.

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