Equus Constantini

Richardson, L. jr

Equus Constantini (Fig. 40): an equestrian statue of Constantine dedicated by Anicius Paulinus, consul ordinarius et praefectus urbi in A.D. 334 (CIL 6.1141 = ILS 698). The inscription is included in the Einsiedeln sylloge, which locates it in the middle of the forum. The statue is listed by the Notitia in Regio VIII and in the Einsiedeln itinerary (1.7, 7.8). A low pedestal in the open square of the Forum Romanum, just west of the Cloaca and east of Boni's Equus Domitiani, has been suggested to be the remains of its base. It is certainly late work, a rough core of secondhand material, and stands directly on the Augustan travertine pavement, but there is no proof. More recently, P. Verduchi has proposed that remains of another pedestal just east of the "Rostra Vandalica" might make a better candidate for this.

Nash 1.388; GV 69-73.

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