Equus Tremuli

Richardson, L. jr

Equus Tremuli: an equestrian statue of Q. Marcius Tremulus, cos. 306 B.C., erected in front of the Temple of Castor to commemorate his victory over the Hernicans (Livy 9.43.22). It was still standing in the time of Cicero (Cicero Phil. 6.13), but had disappeared before the time of Pliny (Pliny HN 34.23). It showed the general togate and must have appeared old-fashioned. If it survived the refurbishing of the forum by Julius Caesar and Augustus because of its venerable age, it may have been lost in the fire of Nero. Pliny's knowledge of the statue suggests that he had seen it. No trace of it survives today, nor should we expect any; the so-called Tribunal Praetoris would have obliterated any.

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