Scalae Anulariae

Richardson, L. jr

Scalae Anulariae: The location of the house of the orator and poet Licinius Macer Calvus in which Augustus lived during his early public life (Suetonius Aug. 72.1) is given as iuxta Romanum Forum, supra Scalas Anularias. Cicero (Cicero Acad. 2.86) uses the word anularius to mean a worker of, or dealer in, seal stones, a jeweler, and in the republic and early empire there was always a concentration of jewelers along Sacra Via from the Regia to Summa Sacra Via, so we can with confidence put this stair somewhere on the Velia, but whether it was the same as the Scalae Deum Penatium (Varro ap. Don. ad Ter. Eun. 256) or an otherwise unknown stair between Sacra Via and Nova Via must remain uncertain.

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