Statuae Stilichonis

Richardson, L. jr

Statuae Stilichonis: Numerous statues were voted to this immensely brilliant and successful commander under Honorius, Arcadius, and Theodosius, including one on the Rostra Augusti. Parts of the bases of three of these have come to light in the Forum Romanum, beginning with one found in 1539 near the Arch of Septimius Severus, but only one still remains there today, a block of marble that was originally the base of an equestrian statue, but upended and recut with an inscription recording the honors awarded Stilicho, especially for his victory over the Goths in northern Italy in A.D. 403. His name was erased from the inscription after his disgrace and murder in 408. See CIL 6.1730 = ILS 1277, 1731 = ILS 1278, 31988.

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