Vicus Vestae

Richardson, L. jr

Vicus Vestae: a street in Regio VIII known from an inscription, a fragmentary dedication to the Lares Augusti (CIL 6.30960 = ILS 3621) of the time of Alexander Serverus. This must be either the ramp and stair connecting the Nova Via with the Forum Romanum that debouches between the Temple of Vesta and the Temple of Castor (Ovid Fast. 6.395-98) or the short street at the east end of the Atrium Vestae that connects the Sacra Via and Nova Via. The latter is to be preferred in view of the use of the term vicus (cf. Asconius in Cic. Scaur. 45 [Stangl 27], and see Domus, Scaurus).

Jordan 1.2.297-98.

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