De Verborum Significatu

Sextus Pompeius Festus

Itaque illa quoque cognominatur Consiva, et esse existimatur terra. Ideoque in Regia colitur a populo Romano quia omnes opes humano generi terra tribuat; ergo et opulenti dicuntur terrestribus rebus copiosi; et hostiae opimae praecipue pingues; et opima magnifica et ampla.

And so she also is named Consiva, and she is considered to be the earth. For that reason she is worshipped in the Regia by the Roman people, because the earth gives all resources to the human race; therefore, they are said to be rich and abounding in earthly things; and splendid sacrifices (are) especially fat; and rich, sumptuous and abundant.

Translation by Jane W. Crawford, © 2001.