Ab Urbe Condita

T. Livius

Marcius de Hernicis triumphans in urbem rediit, statuaque equestris in foro decreta est, quae ante templum Castoris posita est.

Marius returned to the city, which he entered in a triumph over the Hernici. An equestrian statue in the Forum was decreed him and was erected in front of the temple of Castor.

Reprinted by permission of the publishers and the Trustees of the Loeb Classical Library from T. Livius: History of Rome (Volume IV: Books 8-10), Loeb Classical Library Vol. 191, translated by B.O. Foster, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, © 1926, by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. The Loeb Classical Library ® is a registered trademark of the President and Fellows of Harvard College.