Historiae adversum Paganos

Paulus Orosius

Dehinc cum omnia in circuitu fori popularetur, aedem Vestae corripuit, et ne sibi quidem diis subvenientibus ignem illum, qui aeternus putabatur, temporarius ignis oppressit; unde etiam Metellus, dum arsuros deos eripit, uix bracchio semiustilatus aufugit.

From here, when it destroyed everything around the forum, it took hold of the temple of Vesta, and since the gods themselves did not even come to their own aid, this fire, lasting but for a time, overwhelmed that fire, which was thought to be eternal; whence even Metellus, while he rescued the gods which were about to burn up, barely escaped with his arm half-burnt.

Translation by Jane W. Crawford, © 2001.