P. Ovidius Naso

Candida, te niveo posuit lux proxima templo,

qua fert sublimes alta Moneta gradus:nunc bene prospicies Latiam, Concordia, turbam,

ut te sacratae constituere manus.

Fair goddess, thee the next morning set in thy snow-white fane, where high Moneta lifts her steps sublime: well shalt thou, Concord, o' ersee the Latin throng, now that consecrated hands have stablished thee.

Reprinted by permission of the publishers and the Trustees of the Loeb Classical Library from P. Ovidius Naso: Volume V. Fasti, Loeb Classical Library Vol. 253, translated by J.G. Frazer, revised G.P. Goold, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, © 1931, by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. The Loeb Classical Library ® is a registered trademark of the President and Fellows of Harvard College.