Naturalis Historia

C. Plinius Caecilius

Eadem fortuito satu vivit in medio foro, qua sidentia imperii fundamenta ostento fatali Curtius maximis bonis, hoc est virtute ac pietate ac morte praeclara, expleverat.

A tree of the same kind that was self-sown lives in the middle of the forum, at the spot where, when the foundations of the Empire were collapsing in portent of disaster, Curtius had filled up the gulf with the greatest of treasures, I mean virtue and piety and a glorious death.

Reprinted by permission of the publishers and the Trustees of the Loeb Classical Library from C. Plinius Caecilius: Natural History (Volume IV. Books 12-16), Loeb Classical Library Vol. 370, translated by H. Rackham, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, © 1945, by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. The Loeb Classical Library ® is a registered trademark of the President and Fellows of Harvard College.