Quaestiones Romanae et Graecae


Why is it that after the chariot-race on the Ides of December the right-hand trace-horse of the winning team is sacrificed to Mars, and then someone cuts off its tail, and carries it to the place called Regia and sprinkles it blood on the altar, while some come down from the street called the Via Sacra, and some from the Subura, and fight for its head?

Reprinted by permission of the publishers and the Trustees of the Loeb Classical Library from Plutarchus: Volume IV. Roman Questions. Greek Questions. Greek and Roman Parallel Stories. On the Fortune of the Romans. On the Fortune or the Virtue of Alexander. Were the Athenians More Famous in War or in Wisdom?, Loeb Classical Library Vol. 305, translated by Frank C. Babbitt, Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, © 1936, by the President and Fellows of Harvard College. The Loeb Classical Library ® is a registered trademark of the President and Fellows of Harvard College.