"Fragmentum (cited by Aelius Donatus, Commentum Terenti)"

M. Terentius Varro

CUPPEDINARII OMNES. Varro Humanarum rerum (l. IX fr. 1 Mirsch) ' Numerius Equitius Cuppes' inquit ' et Manius Macellus singulari latrocinio multa loca habuerunt infesta. His in exsilium actis bona publicata sunt, aedes ubi habitabant dirutae eque ea pecunia scalae deum penatium aedificatae sunt. Ubi habitabant, locus, ubi uenirent ea, quae vescendi causa in urbem erant allata. Itaque ab altero Macellum, ab altero Forum Cuppedinis appellatum.'

ALL THE CONFECTIONERS. Varro on human affairs says "Numerius Equitius Cuppes and Manius Macellus held many dangerous places by extraordinary piracy. When they were driven into exile, their goods were confiscated, the houses where they lived were destroyed, and from this money stairs of the gods of the storehouse were built. The place where they were living was where the things which had been brought into the city for the sake of feeding the populace came. And so from the one is named the meat market, from the other, the Forum of Delicacies."

Translation by Jane W. Crawford, © 2001.