"Fragmentum (cited by Nonius Marcellus, De Compendiosa Doctrina)"

M. Terentius Varro

TABERNAS non vinarias solum, ut nunc dicimus, sed omnes quae sunt popularis usus, auctoritas Romana paterfecit. Varro de Vita Populi Romani lib. II: ' hoc intervallo primum forensis dignitas crevit atque ex tabernis lanienis argentariae factae.'

Roman authorities opened shops, not only wine shops, as we say now, but all which were of popular use. Varro, in ' Concerning the Life of the Roman People,' Book II, says: ' in this open space first the grandeur of the forum increased, and bankers' stalls were made from butchers' shops.'

Translation by Jane W. Crawford, © 2001.