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Tabularium (Reconstruction)

State record office on east slope of the Capitoline Hill

Rostra Augusti (Reconstruction)

Orators' platform at northwest end of Forum

Rostra Diocletiani (Reconstruction)

Orators' platform on the eastern end of the Forum plaza.

Basilica Aemilia (Reconstruction)

Civic basilica with shops on the north side of the Forum

Basilica Iulia (Reconstruction)

Civic basilica housing the centumviral court as well as shops

Curia Iulia (Reconstruction)

Senate house rebuilt by J. Caesar on site of earlier Curia Hostilia

Saturnus, Aedes (Reconstruction)

Temple of god Saturn and location of the state treasury

Forum (Romanum or Magnum) (Reconstruction)

Multipurpose civic space and symbolic center of the city

Castor, Aedes (Reconstruction)

Temple housing cult of the heroes Castor and Pollux.

Concordia, Aedes (Reconstruction)

Temple on west side of Forum; housing cult honoring civic harmony