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In this section you can learn about Karnak's role in ancient Egyptian history, religion, architecture, and archaeology. Each of the themes listed on the left includes one or more video clips and an accompanying written guide. Each video shows scenes from the Karnak virtual reality model, photographs from the site today, maps, and present-day video footage. You can view an embedded low-resolution of each video on this site; you can also use the secondary link provided with it to download a high-resolution version.

Please note that the videos are designed for classroom use and therefore do not have sound. Educators and students can use them at their own pace by pausing them to respond to questions or to offer further explanations. Each of the sections under "Thematic videos and instructional texts" includes a PDF file that you can download and use for classroom preparation.

To view the videos you will need the Quicktime plug-in; if you do not already have it installed on your computer, please click here and follow the installation instructions.