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Victory Stela of Kamose

Author(s): C. Zarnoch, E. Sullivan

Description: This round-topped stela celebrates the triumph of Theban ruler Kamose over the Hyksos king Apophis. The stela's lunette is decorated with a carved winged solar disk, while the rest is covered with Egyptian hieroglyphs in sunk relief. The beginning of the text records a letter intercepted by Kamose's army to the king of Kush from Apophis. The letter was a request for help against Kamose. The remainder of the stela describes Kamose's victory over the Hyksos. Neshy, the "overseer of the courtiers and chief of the treasurers" is depicted as a small figure in the bottom left corner. Kamose charged him with the responsibility of erecting this stela at Karnak.

Provenance: Found in fragments in the foundation of the 2nd Pylon and the fill of 3rd Pylon
Person: Neshy, from reign of Kamose
Date: Dynasty 17, Second Intermediate Period (1555-1550 BCE)
Material: Limestone
Functional Comments: Stelae were displayed in temples to commemorate and glorify special religious, historical, or military events. Here, Kamose's great victory over the Hyksos (made possible by the support of the god Amun), is celebrated.
Dimensions: H: 231.00cm, W: 112.5cm, D: 28.0cm
Current Location: Luxor Museum

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