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Fragment of Queen Ahmose-Merytamun Statue

Author(s): C. Zarnoch, E. Sullivan

Description: This statue fragment depicts a queen in a Hathoric wig (associated with the goddess Hathor) with a royal ureaus (striking snake) on her brow. She is represented youthfully, with a slim torso and a slight smile upon her lips, features characteristic of the first half of New Kingdom.

Provenance: Found in excavations around base of the 8th Pylon (the lower portion still in situ)
Person: Queen Ahmose-Merytamun, from the reign of Amunhotep IDate: Dynasty 18, New Kingdom (1525-1504 BCE)
Material: Limestone
Functional Comments:
Dimensions: H: 111.00cm
Current Location: British Museum

The British Museum. (2008). "Explore/Highlights." http://www.britishmuseum.org

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