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Thutmose I Osiride Colossi

Author(s): C. Zarnoch, E. Sullivan

Description: This is one of a series of thirty-six standing statues from Karnak's Wadjet hall. They depict pharaoh Thutmose I in the pose of Osiris: arms crossed and body wrapped in a tight-fitting cloth. The king holds an ankh, the symbol for "life," in each hand. In this example, located in the southern part of the hall, the king wears the white crown of Upper Egypt (mostly broken). The statues in the building's northern half would have worn the double crown, evoking the imagery of the solar gods.

Provenance: Wadjet Hall
Person: Thutmose I
Date: Dynasty 18, New Kingdom (1504-1492 BCE)
Material: limestone
Functional Comments:
Dimensions: Unknown
Current Location: In situ at Karnak Temple

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