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Statue of Thutmose III

Author(s): C. Zarnoch, E. Sullivan

Description: This fragmentary statue once represented a standing triad of king Thutmose III with the gods Mut and Amun. The king (center) wears a short shendyt kilt and an elaborate broad collar. Small cartouches labeled with his royal names decorate the belt securing the dagger at his waist. Each of the king's arms embraces the god flanking his side

Provenance: The Akhmenu
Person: Thutmose III
Date: Dynasty 18, New Kingdom (1479-1425 BCE)
Material: Compact yellow sandstone
Functional Comments:
Dimensions: The torso of Thutmose III is 90cm across
Current Location: In situ at Karnak Temple

Legrain, G. (1906). Statues et statuettes de rois et de particuliers. Le Caire, Impr. de l'Institut français d'archéologie orientale. pp. 38.