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Seated Statue of Sety II

Author(s): C. Zarnoch, E. Sullivan

Description: This statue depicts king Sety II seated on a cushioned low throne holding an image of a ram's head (the symbol of the god Amun) between his hands. He wears a wig with the royal uraeus at the brow. Cartouches with the king's royal names are incised deeply on the figure's shoulders. Carved on the both sides of the throne are sema-tawy signs, a symbol representing the unity of Upper and Lower Egypt. Hieroglyphic inscriptions ring the statue's base and extend down the back pillar.

Provenance: Karnak temples, possibly the precinct of the goddess Mut
Person: Sety II
Date: Dynasty 19, New Kingdom (1200-1194 BCE)
Material: Sandstone
Functional Comments:
Dimensions: H: 164.7cm
Current Location: British Museum

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